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Thank You all who contributed to the Citrus Sale this past year. It was a fantastic turn out and we appreciate your help. The Turf Club just got back from San Diego, California where we competed in the 19th Annual Collegiate Turf Bowl where we placed 6th out of 68 teams. We are very proud of this and hope to keep improving with each year.

Left to Right: Jianlong Sun (Jason),Kenny MacNish, Yuansho Qu (Henry), Greg Benz, Mike Monzon, Tyler Astor, Mike Chikos, Kyle Genova, Nick Delmar, LB West, Ryan Daddio, Lingcheng Zeng (Aaron)


Citrus Sale Information


The Rutgers Turf Club Citrus Sale Is Back!

Citrus Sale Fundraiser

Fresh fruit direct from the Florida citrus growers!

It's time to order your holiday citrus. The growers and packers assure that this year's crop is juicy and delicious! Bring the Florida sunshine into your home this winter, and give it to family and friends, too. Navel oranges, red grapefruit, tangelos and tangerines are good, healthy choices for snacking.

The Citrus Sale is fundraiser for the Rutgers Turf Club and all proceeds fund our two academic trips. This year we will have the opportunity to travel to San Antonio, Texas where will compete against other universities in the Sports Turf Managers Association Student Challenge. Our second trip will take us to Orlando, Florida where we will attend the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America conference and compete in the Collegiate Turf Bowl competition against other top universities.

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